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Career Summary

Hardware: A+ Certified; PC to Pentium custom building; system and network design, installation and management; server design and building; network OS installation and management; mid-range system connectivity. Certified to teach Semester One of Cisco Networking. Bilingual: Mac and PC.
Software: MCP (NT Server 4.0); Custom DB application design, development, installation, training and support; fluent in Office suites, productivity software; xBASE, 4th Dimension; web development.
Operating Systems: DOS, Win3.x, Win 95/98/ME/XP, Mac OS thru 8.5 and 10.3; NT 4.0 Workstation, NT 4.0 Server, some Novell and just enough UNIX to be respectful of it.

Business Experience

1993 to Present AIC - Adventures In Creativity, Ventura Owner

PC sales, PC and Mac repair. Design, build and setup of custom system configurations. Net management and implementation. Custom software development and installation. Please see AIC page(s) for additional information.

1998 to Present Instructor, Ventura Community College District, Oxnard Instructor

Teaching at College level: A+ Certification Preparation, NT 4.0 Server Preparation, Introduction to Computers, Introduction to the Internet; HTML coding and Web Page Design, Office 97 (Word and Excel).

2000 Impact Corporate Communications, Ojai MIS Manager

Designed and built over 40 personal computers; 33 remain in rental inventory. Systems are rented (sometimes with reconfiguration(s)requested) for use at hotels, convention centers and other venues for corporate, show management, vendor/exhibitor use. Also responsible for in-house systems management and remote locations systems management.

1997 St. John's Medical Center, Oxnard Report Writer/Analyst
UltiCare is a proprietary system (23 installations) that uses a custom report writer to extract information from the Patient Care System. It is a large and complex system with virtually no documentation. Tasked with learning report production, and the data structures, to provide hospital staff and management with information from the system. Additional responsibilities included: Data General (DG) support, DG-to-PC interface support, database development, tuning, data input; Custom PC-based database support (FoxPro); PC support.

1996 Buena Medical Clinic, Ventura Network Specialist
Responsible for management, operation, systems development, user training, repair, and maintenance of 30 PCs on a LAN/WAN running Win95, Windows for Workgroups, and NT on the servers. Custom database design, development and installation. Set up computers for users; file transfers; user training. Wrote system in Access 95 to analyze at-risk members relative to a conditional, stepped insurance payment program. Prototyped several additional systems with management and users to match needs and system capabilities.

1993-1996 Mental Health Dept., County of Ventura Office Systems Coordinator III
Responsible for management, operation, systems development, user training, repair and maintenance of 180 Macs on a LAN/WAN reaching from Ventura Avenue to the Simi Courthouse. Multiple custom database systems designed and implemented to meet specific site requirements. Wrote major improvements to three existing systems. Designed and implemented (in three days) an emergency disaster (earthquake response) system to track personnel and assistance site loadings, timecards and staff schedule sheets.

1991-1992 Aegir Systems, Oxnard Senior Programmer/Analyst
Analysis, customer interface, development, coding, installation and support for custom database software projects. Developed multiuser, commercial software for Purchase Order Entry/Tracking/Reporting and electronic timecard systems; written in Clipper for PC's on Novell network.

1990-1991 Taft Electric Company, Ventura Systems Analyst
Enhanced and developed UNIX-based central accounting system. Purchased, installed, managed and maintained desktop computers; developed custom software for warehouse inventory management and field electrician performance monitoring. Managed the development and implementation of a custom estimating database for both Commercial and Residential project bidding. Provided project management/tracking support.

1986-1990 Rockwell Int'l, Oxnard Facility Senior Systems Engineer
Singular responsibility for computer systems at the Facility. Systems analysis, design, coding installation and training of users on PC's, Mac's and System /36 (mini). Long range business plan co-author; interface to "parent" facility's computer systems and administration. Redesigned, coded and implemented the core accounting system software; time card system; shop traveler/part routing and costing system.

1983-1986 Computer Village, Ventura Sales Representative
Sold and supported Apple, Mac, PC and clone systems for personal and small business use. Involved in developing and conducting technical seminars and user training; custom programming, customer support, technical support to other sales staff.

1982-1983 Gould Medical Products, Oxnard Principal Engineer
Primary responsibility for design and development of product line to support blood pressure monitoring equipment. Process development and implementation for new product line.

1980-1982 Precision Dynamics, Burbank Product Development Manager
Accountable for product design from concept through production. Six new products and six major cost reduction programs developed. Developed and managed Product Development Department. Responsibilities included: Plastic part design and documentation; annual and five-year planning; new product analysis; part/tooling costing and development; documentation system design and control; production implementation and support; budge preparation, justification, allocation and adherence.

1978-1980 Becton-Dickinson Labware, Oxnard Product Engineering Manager
Developed, staffed and managed the Engineering section of the Research and Development Department. Developed and introduced three major new products. Responsibilities included: Product design; documentation system development and control systems; part drawings and specifications, annual and five-year budgeting and developmental planning; support to technical and biological sections, marketing and sales functions.


Masters in Business Administration, UCLA Graduate School of Management
Small Business/Strategy concentration

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Design Major

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