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A+ Certified, and I teach it! Knowledge and Skills you need NT 4.0 Server Certified
System Design to your needs Appropriate repairs, quality workmanship Design, installation, support

AIC provides fine technology to meet customers' needs. This can start with an alysis of needs/desires, then hardware and network design, implementation of that design, installation, training, support and (if/when needed) repairs.

Once the equipment is in place, then we turn to software selection to get your tasks accomplished quickly and efficiently. Often this is "off the shelf" software, but could be custom software for those unique needs. One example of custom software would be web page design (since I teach this, I can certainly do it).

AIC is bilingual. We speak both Mac and PC, from selection through software to repairs. While we have done work with larger systems, we prefer to work in the desktop-computer area as our primary focus.

Please consider AIC if you:

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