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Ventura Community College District

I have taught some Introduction-level classes at Ventura College; most of my teaching has been at Oxnard College. I have taught A+ Certification for 4 years through three major exam changes and three revisions to the textbook. I have also taught NT 4.0 Server Certification for two semesters (until the exam was retired) after building my own Server network at home and successfully passing the exam. I am currently studying Windows 2003 Server. I have also taught HTML, Web design, Introduction to Computers and Introduction to the Internet classes. My students respect the effort I put into teaching and have consistently rated my efforts highly. Upwards of 50% of students have successfully passed the A+ Certification exams.

Impact Corporate Communications

Impact is headquartered in Ojai, CA; on-site office locations include: Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, Ojai; Mandalay Bay Inn, Oxnard; Seascape Resort, Monterey, CA; Grand Summit, Park City, Utah. Impact provides rental equipment and technical support for lighting, stage setting, video, audio services and computer rental systems. Clients range from corporations using a hotel or large meeting location for internal meetings to national show producers using a convention center for a trade show.

St. John's Regional Medical Center

St. John's is a 360+ bed hospital serving much of Ventura County. The Patient Care system was purchased from a vendor and runs on Data General hardware. Seven analysts work in the Patient Care MIS group supporting the functional departments of the hospital and working with the Care system (data base maintenance, problem solving, data management). My responsibilities crossed functional areas as most departments wanted additional reports from the system. In addition to working with the Care system and its method(s) of data storage, I also worked with the Report Writer (custom written for the Care system). The manager that hired me had some experience at writing reports and was prepared to provide time to learn the complex system; upon his departure, his replacement had other expectations. St. John's currently out-sources almost all report writting needs to a consultant that works with clients across the United States.

Buena Medical Clinic

Buena Medical Clinic is a for-profit Medical Group based in Ventura with clinics in neighbor communities. Primary patient information is stored on a VAX-based system; the day-to-day informational needs of staff are provided by desktop computers. Two servers, running Windows NT help to co-ordinate the transfer of information between staff. The clinic was in the transition phase from Windows For Workgroups to Windows 95 during the time I managed the process. Most of the computers being transitioned needed hardware upgrades or new equipment to work effectively with Windows 95. The network linking desktops was functional, but not as stable as we would have liked it to be. BMC was purchased by a larger Health Maintenance Organization in the Los Angeles area during my time there. This served to constrict the ability to upgrade much of the support infrastructure.

Mental Health Department, County of Ventura

The Mental Health Department used Mac computers; the balance of the County departments used PC's extensively. As a result, support that other departments enjoyed was minimal from the central Information Services Department. Boundary and responsibility issues had to be resolved on a frequent basis as the network of Macs "piggy-backed" on the central (ISD-supported) patient information system network. There were 80 Macs in the department when I started; the installed based reached 180 systems at the time budget cuts eliminated my position. I was called back twice to assist with problems until replacement staff was obtained.

Aegir Systems, Oxnard

Aegir Systems was an "8-a" company (minority owned and operated)serving the local military base with various computer-related support tasks. Many of the staff were previous military. I was involved with software development projects using database development tools to provide information support systems for several groups: weapons support, central IS support and communications support (mail system address transfers). I also did some work on developing a QC/QA tracking and scheduling application for the LA area transit district contract.
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