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Richard Carmichael

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I have been around computers, in one form or another, since I took my first class in Computer Programming in 1968. That was during a "break" I took half-way through Engineering School. I went back to Engineering School (Cal Poly, SLO) and worked with computers duing upper division classwork.

My educational background is in Mechanical Engineering, and for many years I enjoyed a rewarding profession designing new products: first for the consumer electronics market and then for the Medical Products field. You can read about my transition to computers from engineering elsewhere within this web site, so I will not repeat it here, even though it is a story I like to tell!

In 1975-76, I worked with pneumatic logic (compressed air) and learned far too much about boolean logic (AND, NOT, OR) than I usually want to admit today. During 1977-78 I built one of the first embedded systems using a 4-bit microprocessor (state of the art, then). 1978-79 found me investing $25,000 of company money to purchase a Lanier Word Processor to be used in developing/tracking Medical Product documentation. I purchased my first computer in 1980 - an Apple II Plus - and have had computers around me ever since.

I got into computers full-time in 1984, working for a local computer store and doing custom installations and programming around the edges of the time I spent in the store. After a few years of that, I branched out into computer management for companies in Ventura County. I have managed both PC and Mac installations, done new equipment purchase, installation, training and repairs. Currently, I am doing consulting work for several clients in the area in addition to teaching.

I have my own business, Adventures In Creativity or AIC for short. That has been many things over the years. Currently, AIC provides (as listed elsewhere in this website) computer development and support from purchase to repairs to network design and management, training and custom programming: stand-alone applications and Internet work.

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