Introduction to Windows 95

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BIS 041C -  Introduction to Windows

Class Meetings

3:30-5:30 Mondays and Wednesdays
Lab time: Wednesdays, 5:30-6:00pm (for additional computer time)

Course Description

  • This course is designed for those new to computers, even those that have not yet purchased a computer.
  • The basics of computers (what they are made of, why, how they work) is covered so that the student will know what the computer is trying to do.
  • Windows 95, as an Operating System is studied so that the student can master the core functions necessary for any application program.
  • Branching out: Basics of networking and the Internet.


Just enough curosity to sit down in front of a computer and just enough interest to stay there for a while. The computer age may be a bit ahead of you, but it has NOT passed you and left you behind.


  • Exploring Windows 95 and Essential Computing Concepts
    by Grauer and Barber
  • two 3.5" disks (one for lab assignments, one for Final)

Course Schedule

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