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Week Date Assignments
1 10/9
  • Note that you can use a table this way...
  • Where the items/links stack vertically rather than
  • Across the top of the window
  • And in this case, the table structure is visable
  • Where it is hidden for the table above.
2 10/16
  • Tutorial 3: Web Page Color and Graphics - Introduction
  • Color by name and number; graphics: jpg and gif
  • Tutorial 4 - Tables
  • Simple tables (like this one!) to nested tables
3 10/23
  • Tutorial 5 - Introduction to Frames
  • Tutorial 5 - Frames and Linking
  • More complicated frame sets
  • Linking to framed and non-framed pages
4 10/30
  • Review and Final
  • Review of material covered, putting it together
  • Final will be a series of questions (T/F, multiple choice and essay)

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