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Opening Ritual

Drum Beater: (Host child) Beats the drum once per for each parent/child team present
Chief:(Raising his hands and eyes to the Great Spirit)
Great Spirit, as we gather around this council fire, dwell among us and guide us. Give us wisdom and understanding. We are grateful for ... (something simple). O, Great Spirit, hear our words.
Drum Beater:  Beats drum twice.
Chief:   What is the slogan of the Y-Indian Guides?
All:  Pals Forever.
Chief:  Drum Beater. What is a Y-Indian Brave?
Drum Beater:  A boy with a Dad/Mom like mine!
Chief:  And your office. What does it mean?
Drum Beater:  The beating of the drum calls the tribe together and tells its members to come to order.
Chief:  What is the pledge of all Y-Indian Braves?
All:  We, Father/Mother and son, through friendly service to each other, to our family, to this tribe, to our community, seek a world pleasing to the eye of the Great Spirit.
Chief:  This Council is now open. (Each parent has a seat, with the child in front.)
Chief:  Tallykeeper, read the Birch Bark Scroll.
Tallykeeper:  (Reads the minutes from the last meeting.)
Chief:  Tallykeeper: Will you take roll while the Wampum Bearer collects the dues and calls for the scouting reports?

(The children pay their dues, tell how they obtained the money, and report on any special thing that occurred during the time between meetings. Each child will have a turn to speak and should be encouraged to participate.)

Tallykeeper:  Chief, the roll has been called.
Wampum Bearer:  Chief, the dues have been collected and the scouting reports received.

Closing Ritual

All:  And now (index finger pointing to the ground) may the Great Spirit (all fingers circling up, imitating smoke) of all good spirits (arms stretched out) be with (arms coming in close) you (index finger pointing across circle), now (all fingers pointing down) and forever more (action of shooting bow and arrow).