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CIS R27B  -  Web Pages with HTML

Class Meetings

9am - 10:20am Tuesday/Thursday (6/19-7/26/01)
10:30am - 2:20pm Tuesday/Thursday for lab

Course Description

  • This course is designed for those familiar with Windows 95/98 and have had at least an introduction to the Internet.
  • Previous programming experience is NOT required.
  • We will cover the basics of HTML focusing on tags up through version 3.2 of the HTML standard (supported tags for browsers 3.0 and above). This will include: anchors, hyperlinks, color/graphics, tables, frames (3.2 addition) and forms. We will touch on forms and scripting if time permits.
  • We will talk about uploading the result to a hosting site; doing that will be left to the student and the requirements of the hosting site.


Just enough curosity to sit down in front of a computer and just enough interest to stay there for a while. The Internet may be a bit ahead of you, but it has NOT passed you and left you behind. Familiarity with Windows 95/98 basic skills, NotePad and an Internet Browser.


  • Creating Web Pages with HTML, 2nd Edition
    by Carey
  • three 3.5" disks (two for lab assignments, one for Final)

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