NT 4.0 Server Certification

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A little background for the unfamiliar reader:

NT Server 4.0 has enjoyed many years of use by a wide range of people with an equally wide range of needs. Thanks to the "look" of the program, most people would not recognize it as a Network Operating System. It continues to be used today, a fact almost lost on Microsoft until recently. Microsoft created certification exams and a Certification (MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) around this product.

When Microsoft released Windows 2000 [Server] they had fond hopes of "retiring" the NT 4.0 product - and the certification(s) associated with it. However, the switch to 2000 has not been as rapid for either the application nor those certified. As a result, Microsoft has reconsidered some of the issue(s) and seems to have decided to retain the 4.0 Certification, but has not brought back the NT 4.0 exams (as of November, 2001).

It takes about 800 pages of textbook to (briefly) cover the core components and issues to Windows NT Server 4.0. I found that additional texts, adding an additional 800+ pages helped to train students in preparation for the Server exam. We spent eight hours, once a week (all day Sundays) working on, and with, Server to prepare for the exam. I taught this class twice; approximately 50% of my students successfully passed the exam. Most of the remaining students were more interested in the use of the program (for business/personal reasons) and thus did not take the exam.

NT Server 4.0 remains a part of the certification process for Microsoft, but the exam is no longer offered. Thus, the class is (also) no longer offered. It has been replaced by Windows 2000 Server, the latest product offering from Microsoft in the area of Network Operating Systems.